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Sending commands to allied (or enemy) aircraft


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I know it can be done, but I do not know how.


In many missions, there are radio commands to instruct the AI to begin an attack on an area. Adding radio commands, I understand how to do. What I do not understand is how you set the condition for an AI to begin executing their command to attack a site, or to change waypoints.


In my example, I am attempting to set a mission where an F-15C (Pilot #001) intercepts a Tu-142 (Russian Recon). The intercept is not one where you actually shoot down the aircraft, but rather, just scare it out of the airspace.


I have a trigger area that activates when you get close enough to the plane, but how do I get the trigger to send the command to the Russian Recon plane to change waypoints to return to base?

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Use "Triggered Actions". There is a command in there called "Switch Waypoint" so just set it up however you want it.


This is an example I created the last time someone asked a related question, so that is why it says FAC, but it is the same principal.




So say your radio command sets flag 10, you can setup another trigger that reads like the following:


Once> Flag 10 is true> AI Push Task(Switch WP)

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