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INS Bug with OFFSET Waypoints


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1) Create an offset waypoint from any existing INS waypoint.

2) Load the waypoint number into PREP and DEST fields

3) Set INS Mode Switch to D/RLT (Distance / Bearing)

4) INS / HSI / HUD all show correct bearing and range to waypoint.


5) Press BAD button

6) HSI and HUD show bearing and range to the OFFSET WAYPOINT

7) INS still shows bearing and range to the original waypoint.


Is this discrepancy (INS showing original waypoint data, HUD/HSI showing offset waypoint data) a realistic feature found in the real INS or a bug?

Intel Core i7-8700K @ 5.0 GHz // Nvidia GTX 1080Ti // 32 GB DDR4 RAM // 1 TB SSD

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