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WW II Scenario Dog-Fights; Finding Bogie at Distance ?


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Do not know where to ask this question.


How do guys flying the WWII aircraft find enemy aircraft at distance?


Are any mods being used in Multiplayer that are allowed and get past the Integrity Check?




That is my biggest negative issue, seeing the enemy bogie before he sees me.



Advice, tips, etc. appreciated.




(Also, posted identical message to the "Burning Skies" thread within the [Multiplayer Forum] under Sim Topics.)

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In multiplayer it depends on the settings of the server.

On the burning skies server, they use labels to put a small dot on planes.

How to turn that on is found in the server rules or briefing.


Outside of multiplayer, their are model enlargement settings. It's up to you to test them to see which setting is most realistic for your monitor.

Hope that helps!

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