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    My main ride in DCS is the Ka-50. Also have Huey, Mi-8, SA342_Gazelle; A-10C, Mig-21, M-2000C, C-101; F-86, Mig-15; P-51, 109, 190; FC3 aircraft, & Combined Arms. Have a lot of time in the Ka-50. Also have flown the 109 and 190 quite a bit on the "Burning Skies WWII era server.
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    Near West Point, NY
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    Hobby machine shop metal and wood for fixup. And guitar: Fender Jazz Bass & Gibson Les Paul
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    Age 67. Retired maintenance-machinist. Navy Seabees 40 years ago as Builder rate with RNMCB-13.
  1. So, Where are you playing in MP? Back on the original topic... I already have everything. What server(s) are you using and when ? I prefer the German aircraft. I am Eastern Time Zone. Have not flown the WWII era stuff in quite awhile.
  2. +1 Thanks for the tip. I checked out their alpha server and got on it and played some. Took a little bit of head-scratching to find the password for it. Thanks!
  3. JSGME is possible in the Saved Games Directories Reply to my own question : ================= Never have used my JSGME to access the Saved Games directories. I did figure out how to add JSGME to my Saved Games Open Beta with its own separate desktop shortcut to load the files without the need to add the A-4E-C files directly. I added _MODS folder to the top of my Saved Games Open Beta listing. (All my experimentation I do 1st with my DCS Open Beta directory.)
  4. Tirak : ==== Thanks for the reply.
  5. Subject : Is setting up JSGME possible for the A-4E ? ================================= Hi, I use JSGME, but I have never used it with access to the Saved Games settings. Is this even possible to do? The real question is : ============= When DCS updates their builds, does it corrupt the A-4E modded files in the Saved Games folder? If not, JSGME is not really necessary. Me using my JSGME mods setups, when DCS updates itself, I always 1st move my mods in the JSGME utility from right column to the left so modded files do not get corrupted.
  6. Subject : Possible to fly A-4E in Multiplayer on a server ? ==================================== Hi, Installed your "Community.A-4E-C-v1.3.1.zip" A-4E-C mod yesterday with mostly no problems. Found out about your mod to the Grim Reapers YouTube video : Did read through both A-4E forums as to me needing to add the "aircraft" subfolder to Mods\aircraft\A-4E-C to my Saved Games directory and I was good to go. Installed the A-4E-C to both my Open Beta and Stable versions and am running the latest builds for both and still using Windows 7 Pro. I did play with it some using the Instant Action scenarios for the Caucasian and Persian Gulf environments. Will the ability to fly the A-4E in Multiplayer be possible in the future? I did quickly browse through all the listed servers in both the Open Beta and Stable versions of DCS in Multiplayer and nobody had the A-4E listed as a player availability option. Would be nice to see the A-4E on the Buddyspike or Open Conflict servers. -+- And much thanks for a very nicely done mod even if only played off-line !
  7. (re: Message #83) https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=3398941&highlight=manual#post3398941
  8. (reply to Message #1, top of thread) : Yes, but only if I can have useable access to BOTH versions. I have the F-5E Tiger II.
  9. Go check out DCS Options Special for this aircraft under Customized Cockpit. Mine comes with an English cockpit. I purchased my Mirage quite early on. Don't know when DCS offered this. I have not flown mine since the cockpit was all French lettering. Gospadin's mod : JSGME worked just fine at the time. If I can teach myself JSGME >>> anybody can learn it. YouTube has tutorials for it.
  10. Never thought of doing that. I'd just wait for an eventual fix. Thanks for the tip. +1
  11. Looks like this guy was the head engineer of the design team with guys working for him.
  12. (Maybe this film has been posted here. Moderator just delete it if it is a repeat post. I did a search, this forum, for the url and came up empty.)
  13. FIX? >>> Maybe... Getting ready to add Windows 10 Pro to a separate dedicated 2TB SSD for my old Alienware Aurora R-3. Have heard some horror stories that CH Control Manager will not work with Windows 10, so have been researching work-arounds. Found these two, though a bit dated : https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/33087-enabling-ch-products-joystick-control-manager-in-windows-10/ (Have been wondering if Microsoft would be fixing this negative issue with a future patch... )
  14. Sorry to hear this. R.I.P. (I am age 67. At age 50 I had a cerebral brain hemorrhage out of the blue that should have killed me outright, but somehow I survived it. Really weird some of the things that happen to us.)
  15. Same, here! Works for me A-OK. Using the 2.5.5 Beta's latest build in Multiplayer on the Buddyspike--Persian Gulf server.
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