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RWR does not obey unit state.


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Dear Leathernecks.


I tried setting up an ECM range to get familiar with RWR sounds.

Problem is when I via trigger turn off the unit radar, the RWR keeps receiving the signal.


So a unit that has been "active" is still shown on the RWR even thou.

  • Alarmstate is Green.
  • Unit AI is OFF.
  • and Unit Emission is OFF. (not needed but still dosen't remove RWR hit)




I tested the triggers with an A10C, and the triggers work just fine.

I does stop transmitting when killing the unit in question.

I went 15mil out and back and that did not help.

tested both SA19 and SA8

tested with and w/o U/22A.


Best Regards


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I've also noticed I keep picking up SAM sites when I'm well behind HUGE mountains.

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