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[DCS155][STEAM] Multiplayer multicrew problems


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Hello everyone!

How are you pilots? Isn't this the best sim-game ever made? Ofc IT-IS!!!


Ok, first infos first:


- Steam client (please don't hate me! I promise gonna move to indipendent standalone glory version)

- DCS 155 (latest steam version)

- L-39 Module (love at first sight)


I think one of our (my friend and I) greatest videoludic dreams has always been a multicrew aircraft. Ofcourse we're TopGun fanboy and callsign couldn't be anything else than Maverick and Goose (ahahaha).


Sadly we're experiencing some issues, I'll try to describe them at my best.


Scenario: game hosted by one of us, the other connects as a client.

Let's speak about HOST and CLIENT since this point


HOST and CLIENT joins the seats of L-39 before "BRIEFING-FLY" double check.

Aircraft explode right after confirming FLY (ahahahha, epic)


HOST joins seat 1 (controls, gun, weapons, you know better than me) CLIENT joins at match started everything is ok, but client from the backseat is able only to pull/push the curtain (extra fun), trying to assume control gives a complete NO-SYNC (no audio, wierd hydraulics paradox, like host gear down, client gear still up)


HOST joins after client, aircraft explosion (ahahah double epicness)


Is there something we could do? Any trick?

We know we're missing something for sure.


Thanks for attention and...







We saw that "mig28" black F5-Tiger screenshot... eheheheh

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