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Aircraft state not properly initialized on mission start

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When one starts a mission, especially if the aircraft is on a "parking hot" start waypoint or in the air, there are remnants from the previous mission for various state variables, including:

- the engine state,

- the roll / yaw / pitch rate.


As a result, the aircraft starts in conditions that are sometimes very bad, I had a few occurrences with the Mig-21Bis having an engine failure on a new mission because of negative Gs that were induced by the state of the module when quitting the previous mission. This is typical when training for bombing, where the mission is quit mid-air or after a crash.


If the previous mission ends with the aircraft landed and immobile there is of course (almost) no problem, or at least it's less acute. But even in this case, the engine is not at the correct regime to match the speed of the initial waypoint. So even if the aircraft was still in the previous mission, there's a problem when starting an air mission.


I've tested that with various aircraft, the Mig-21Bis, the M-2000C, the Bf-109 (was reported before but without reply). So it looks like it's a DCS systemic problem and not a module problem, although it has more consequences on some modules than others, and more impact on some missions than others.


DCS versions /


To reproduce:


(1) Initial yaw/roll/pitch rates with previous mission

- launch any mission starting in the air (training mission for example)

- pull a lot of Gs, quit the mission

- launch the mission again

- observe the erroneous transients on the aircraft, it will jerk around before stabilizing, even if the stick is neutral.


(2) Initial engine regime with previous mission

- launch any mission with runway start, or parking hot start

- put the throttle on max

- quit

- launch the same mission again (or same type of mission)

- observe the transients on the engine, it will surge forward then throttle back to idle.


(3) Wrong engine RPM / failure to sample the throttle controller (HOTAS/...)

- design a mission (a) with initial speed (adapted to the module)

- launch a mission (b) in which the aircraft is still (ramp start)

- quit

- launch mission (a)

- observe the transients in engine state, with and without moving the throttle

- * without moving the throttle: usually the engine gets to idle or a wrong regime, the throttle control is not sampled

- * with moving the throttle: the engine adapts to the appropriate regime once the new throttle position is sampled.

System specs: Win7 x64 | CPU: i7-4770K | RAM: 16 GB | GPU: GTX 980 Ti 6 GB | Thrustmaster HOTAS | MFG rudder pedals | SATA3 SSD | TrackIR

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Yep seen some of that too: Viggen (cold start) often has power on after restarting although all swiches are turned off.

On the Mirage it's often related to INS stuff: waypoints dipsplayed on the VTB remain visible after restart, also manually entered waypoints stay in the system.




i9 10900K @ 5.1 GHz, EVGA GTX 1080Ti, MSI Z490 MEG Godlike, 32GB DDR4 @ 3600, Win 10, Samsung S34E790C, Vive, TIR5, 10cm extended Warthog on WarBRD, Crosswinds


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Has anyone else experienced this problem?




That would be the best explanation for what happens when I have a crash in the Gazelle. Whenever I respawn, the aircraft respawns damaged. Most of the time the tail will be off to the side. So I respawn again and all is well.

This only occurs in 2.0 and I never gave it much thought until I read this thread and it makes sense that it's happening to the Gazelle.

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