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Mission 9 doesn't continue


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After killing the arty and destroying the enemy vehicles, ZULU-5 evac is called. Dragon 3-1 calls they are on the way, Hawg1-1 responds ok, we got your six. Helicopters approach and circle the train station, but they don't land. I waited 15 minutes. Mission doesn't continue.


In the mission debrief both Dragon 3-1 and Dragon 3-2 crashed. Must have been 2 different helis circling around.


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Windows 10 64bit, Intel i9-9900@5Ghz, 32 Gig RAM, MSI RTX 3080 TI, 2 TB SSD, 43" 2160p@1440p monitor.

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Just flew the mission in in its entirety, no issues with Dragon flight landing. Once in awhile helos (AI) will do something unexpected like plow into a mountain face, crash into each other taking off from the COP etc... I believe this may of happened in your case. The other helos you saw circling were probably the KA-50's who are providing cover for the CASEVAC MI-8's. Please give it another whirl and use F7 to view Dragon flight once they are cleared in, you should see the 2 MI-8's inbound. Hope this helps and was just a fluke AI issue.



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