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Broken TILS runways.


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For starters I am familiar with, and actually like, the way the TILS leads you to the threshold with a 3 degree offset. With that said, it seems like there are some runways that doesn't work properly.


So far it seems that the NAV landing guidance and TILS is broken on Anapa runway 22 and Sochi runway 06. I follow the nav system guidance, but it doesn't lead me to a proper landing. Approaching LB1 seems ok on both, but then it craps out on me and leads me astray in a weird way. I'm happy to be proven wrong. Can anyone confirm these errors?

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I've tested with Sochi 06 and impossible to have the good path on the ADI, the vertical yellow line is not good.

But with Sochi 240, ADI show me the good path for landing, maybe one bug with runway 06 ?


Bye, Skull.

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