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  1. WOW it's really a great news because I'm a great fan of the Intruder, it's my favorite plane... A future great module like Viggen and F-14. Congratulation +1
  2. Hello guys, Yes I've read that's a bug. Thanks for your explanations. Skull.
  3. Hello guys, These morning I saw this screenshot from Facebook of DCS World Sim Series, I find this these gauges very strange :music_whistling: All these gauges from these screenshot are new and replace the gauges from our Mig-21 bis that we have always knowing or just one test ? Thanks in advance, Skull ;-)
  4. Salut Az, Oui un grand merci pour cette traduction car je me posais des tas de questions concernant la future installation de DCS 2.5. C'est comme toujours clair et nécessaire pour nous autres utilisateurs +1 @++ Skull.
  5. I hope and it's perfect because it's really hard to have DCS without all our Mods.
  6. It's really a great news for all fans of the Viggen +1 Bye, Skull.
  7. Bonsoir à tous, WOW voilà une très bonne idée que je sortir ces news en Français, je vois que "équipe de trad" ne chôme pas en ce moment, c'est vraiment super. Merci à Azrayen pour l'importante précision concernant l'équipe de traduction, c'est vraiment un superbe cadeau les gars !!! Les amis je vous souhaite de passer un très bon réveillon et une très bonne année 2018. Amitiés, Olivier ;-)
  8. Hello guys, There's few minutes I've upgraded my "DCS World" to "DCS World Update 1". Please can you tell me if for the AV-8B Harrier we have the same version than DCS World OpenBeta last version or not ? Or one different version ? In advance a great thanks, Skull ;)
  9. Yes, with the Viggen or Mig-21 it's normal because these modules are really beautiful, 3D model incredible and idem for the textures cockpit but for the Harrier I don't know why this problem :-(
  10. Hello guys ;) Yes one other solution would be possible and good, of course we live in the modern countries but if your servers are down we cannot noe more flight, if our home internet is down (it happens often where I live) no more DCS :cry: It's really a big problem because this flight simulator is our passion but today in this state maybe not the best way to protected DCS World... I don't know for the other members but according to the city you are in in France internet is not perfect and without this technology impossible to use DCS World :helpsmilie: I hope that one good solution will be found, guys from all around the world I wish you a very good Merry Christmas ;-) Skull :thumbup:
  11. I don't know if I have the same problem than you but with the Harrier my FPS drop, It's fix with the new upgrade of 12-22-2017 ? Thanks again, Skull.
  12. Hi again, Today everything is good, my DCS work fine but is it possible to know why just the Harrier's module was blocked and not all the modules or just DCS World ? Is it possible to have an answer from ED's team ? Thanks again, Skull.
  13. Thanks guys, ok now I can use the Harrier... Besr regards.
  14. Hello guys, This morning I want fly with my Harrier and when I launch my DCS 'Stable version' or DCS "OpenBeta" impossible and I have these messages: Please do you have on idea of my problem ? I use the Harrier since the release but it's the first time that I have this problem, my internet is OK, one idea ? In advance a great thanks, Skull.
  15. Esac Mirmidon, Please can you confirm that we don't delete the folder "tech" from this path: C:\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Mods ?? Thanks in advance, Skull.
  16. Hi, do you have the same problem with DCS 1.5.8 Openbeta ? Thanks in advance, Skull.
  17. Hello, So if I well understand "Ranger Pack" work fine now with your DCS ? If it's the cas I'm very happy because it's not always simple to explain how installed these Mods. Concerning JSGME or other softwares I don't know because for all my Mods and all the change for DCS I install all these Mods manualy, for me it's the better solution for knowing how work DCS and how DCS he's building. Each time I try to understand, sometime it's not easy but finaly it's a real pleasure when I succeed. The good question is about all these Mods which makes more better and beautiful our DCS 1.5.8, with the future DCS 2.5 these Mods will be compatible ? After that, the Caucasus map is a real Masterpiece (from the screenshots available) that I've seen, just wait for know if all the Mods for DCS 1.5.8 work fine with DCS 2.5... Please can you tell me if "Ranger Pack" work fine now ? Bye, Skull.
  18. Hello again, I'm very sorry for the delay of my answer, in fact you can tested without using JSGME ? In first unzip the file "Ranger79s Mod Pack 2.4.1" and use my method: Try to just copy the complete folder named "Ranger Pack" here: C:\Users\XXXX\Saved Games\DCS\Mods\tech In fact you must just paste the complete folder "Ranger Pack" into "Mods" ---> "tech" and normaly everything work fine. For all Mods never I use JSGME, I copy & past all the folders into "Mods" ---> "tech" and it's OK. I use this method since many years and no problems, I use the Mod "Ranger Pack" with DCS 1.5.8 "Stable version" and 1.5.8 "OpenBeta" and it's OK. Here I join you few screenshots from my installation: First image, here you can see where I past my folder "Ranger Pack": Here you can see all the folders inside "Ranger Pack": And if you follow well my explanation when you're into the Mission Editor you can find all the objects from this Mod here: Static Objects -----> Category ----> Structures ----> and after inside "Type" like my last screenshot: Please can you tell me if this time this Mod work fine or not ?
  19. Hi again, I confirm that the Ranger79's mod work fine with DCS 1.5.8 as you can see with my screenshots: I've tested with my Editor mission and all the objects are present, but if you have other problem please contact me...
  20. Hi, With DCS 1.5.8 my Sidearms are all black but the station is well present with the pod. As you can see with these last screenshots:
  21. Hello rwsd_1 ;) Yes it's normal, in fact with DCS 1.5.8 you must change your mods folder place as here: C:\Users\XX\Saved Games\DCS\Mods\tech Before DCS 1.5.8 it was here: C:\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Mods\tech Now with DCS 1.5.8 here: C:\Users\XX\Saved Games\DCS\Mods\tech For me all my Mods work fine, try it and tell us if it's good now...:thumbup:
  22. Hello Zeus67, A great thanks for this fast fix, now the HUD work fine +1 Skull.
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