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Operation Tammuz

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A multiplayer strike/ SEAD / air-superiority mission,

We're tasked with destroying hardened bunkers housing Abkhazian nuclear weapons program, and taking out any units trying to flee the area.


Full briefing at:



Slots available:

A-10C (x4)

SU-25T (x2)

F-15C (x2)

Tactical commanders


* SEAD flight is useful but not mandatory

* Enemy interceptors will try to interfere only if F-15's Eagle flight is manned.

* TC on Red side not mandatory

* Note that this mission incorporates some randomization of enemy air-defense positions, and of types and quantity of units trying to flee the area of operation.


Additional notes:

* Mission is named after the Israeli air-force strike against an Iraqi nuclear reactor back in 1981

* Mission utilizes MIST (by Grimes) and realistic templates (by Stuka) - thanks mates!


Any feedback is welcomed!

Have fun,





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Uploaded an updated version of the mission(v2.2)


* Enemy now goes into alert state whenever an attack begins - even if the SR that's supposed to "ring the bell" gets destroyed beforehand.

* Mission now introduces slightly more capable SAM resistance when flight "FROG" is active (SEAD)


Have fun,


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