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P-51D Trims


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Hello there P-51D fans.


I am experiencing problems with my P-51D trims (Elevator-Ailerons-Rudder.)


While they are responding to mouse AND buttons or axes I have no respond on the FM. All the visuals are working.


Tried DCS repair two times with no avail.


Windows 10. Thrustmaster Warthog.


I have this problem since reinstall when going from Windows 7 to 10.


I run everything as admin.


Thanks for your help.


No problem with other aircrafts.


Madcop :)

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Hi Helljumper.


:thumbup: Thanks a lot, You made me realized that I was much more stupid that you might have thought.


FFB was unchecked but I stil had Game Flight Mode checked since my reinstall ! :music_whistling:


No Wonder these 109 , P-51D and Spit where flying and landing so smoothly !


Thank You


Madcop. :)

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