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  1. Hello everyone, A bug snuck it's way into the today's (28/04/2022) OB update ( removing all the bindable axis of the MiG-19. Here is the fix for this issue, unzip the files in the archive in DCS World\mods\aircraft\MiG-19P\Input and replace the previous files. We are very sorry that this bug made it to the OB and we will try to be more careful about these issues in the future. MiG-19P_Keybinds.rar
  2. If you unselect RDO on the PCA the yellow tracks won't be generated anymore.
  3. Hi, Yes, the radar altitude source info changed some time ago with the radar rework. The radar needs the INS to do a lot of its function and the INS altitude is supposed to be quite precise.
  4. Hi, You must have not set your altitude correctly when doing your INS alignment. The default BUT altitude is 99999 feet and the radar uses the altitude from the INS to compute the antenna search altitudes.
  5. That's what I suspected :).
  6. Could you share a screenshot of the radar when you are having this issue ?
  7. There is no difference. The vertical/horizontal is just a reference to the fact that MAV is selected or not.
  8. myHelljumper

    April 1st

    We hope you guys like it !
  9. Yes, it should be fixed next patch. There is a chance that the fix did not make it because we sent it to ED very close to the cut-off date. Anyway, sorry for the inconvenience.
  10. If your jammer was on then it's expected behavior :).
  11. There is a slight chance that you where on the missile trajectory and it got close enough for the proximity fuse to trigger. It happened to me against a F-15. But to answer a question, no the 530 is a pure semi-active missile but it can home on jam so watch your jammer use.
  12. As I said and as Akiazusa demonstrated, the radar has a maximum range greater than 40 nm, if you don't show us your issue we won't he able to help you resolve it. Please, share a short track or a short video of you having this issue.
  13. You are mistaken, the radar range against a fighter sized target is about 60 nm. Are you sure you are using the radar correctly ? A track or a video would allow use to help you.
  14. Thanks everyone, this means a lot to the team.
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