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NVG in L variant


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Loving the Gazelle! Handle her well and she's a dream!


I've mostly been using the SA-342M. However I'm also enjoying gun and rocket runs in the L variant.


My buddy made a night time mission, which led to the discovery that there is no NVG capability in the L. That made things ... interesting ...


Is there any way to add NVG functionality to the L variant? I did see some posts elsewhere for other aircraft about modifying some files (devices.lua and device_init.lua) but I'm not sure if they're relevant here, and for sure I'd probably make a mess of any attempt.


Thanks in advance for any advice.

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From an older thread: Mod to activate NVG on L and Mistral version?


Your going to need one hell of a programmer for that gruesome task.


Step 1: Go into Mods\aircraft\SA342\Input\keyboard\default.lua

Step 2: Find line #506 (SA342 Night Vision Goggles On/Off) and comment the line out using --

Step 3: Find line #505 (Night Vision Goggles) and remove the -- to activate it




Done :D

Should still work fine

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