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Looking for tips on strafing ground targets with the MiG-15


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I accidentally posted this in the bugs forum, but since I got no replies there am reposting here.


Like the subject line says. I've been trying the "Relic" campaign and can't seem to wipe out the speedboats in Mission 2. It isn't clear to me how I'm supposed to use the gunsight against a ground target, let alone a moving one. Any advice would be appreciated.


Also, I've noticed that sometimes when I fly this mission the mission log at the end reports zero hits on the speedboats, and yet when I analyze the flight in Tacview it shows multiple hits being made, including multiple hits with the 37mm cannon, which should be enough to stop those things. I've even gone back to Sukumi to reload multiple times and still do not seem to be able to cause enough damage to get through the mission. :(

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I literally just completed this mission in the MiG-15bis. Like you, I was having real trouble hitting the speedboats, given the MiG-15's unsteadiness as a gun platform, the difficulty trimming (given the switches on the cockpit wall) and the speedboat's own movement.


Ultimately, I determined which way the speedboats were moving, then setup my attack along that same axis. I was able to sink one speedboat with just 1-2 hits of 23mm (seems overly optimistic), but the other speedboat blew up under 3-4 37mm HEI hits.


Hope this helps!

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Is there a ground attack training mission for the MiG-15bis? If there is, that might help.

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