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The countermeasure dispense rate is mislabeled.


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I hope this is at least somewhat relevant on this subforum. I've had a great time experimenting with the DCS AJS-37; what an excellent representation of its real-life counterpart.


I noticed that the countermeasure dispense rate (KONT/FRÅN/INT) switch is mislabeled in the simulator, and is labeled as if it were a JA37 where this switch was used for communications.


Here's a photograph from DCS for reference.


Here's the very same switch in a JA37-D.


Here's the correct switch in an AJ37. I didn't have access to an AJS37, but this is the appropriate labeling according to the SFI.


Now, if this isn't nitpicking then I don't know what is. But as this simulator is so dedicated to accuracy, I figured I might post this here. :)

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I noticed this to, I had problems finding the countermeasure switch because of this, I had to read the manual and the manual for the real aircraft before I realised that it was wrong.

I dont think its nitpicking, it would be nice if they fixed it..


This is real nitpicking:

The texture for the left and right warninglightpanels are the same when the lights are off, it is only mirrored so the text is backwards on the one side. You have to zoom in to see it.


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