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Deferred lighting impacting frames by 50%


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Flying with the deferred lighting checkbox on, i noticed 2 things. Everything seems very bright. Almost to the point where i need to wear sunglasses to sit at my monitor. But the other thing I noticed while trying to improve frames when i "un-ticked" deferred lighting I saw a 50% increase in frames and most of the time held 60FPS pegged with 40s over cities at low level.


The brightness is to the point where I cant even see the pipper along the horizon line


Could this be an optimization issue that will be looked at or something on my rig that just cant cope with the new effects..any ideas?


These pics are from the same mission the only difference is the Deferred shading option


It is playable with the shading on, and looks much better but it is just purely to bright IMO


I7 3.4ghz gtx 970 16G ram












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