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Altimeter Set to Impossible QFE


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Setup: DCS 2.1, Tonopah Test Range Airfield, start from ramp

Actions: Observe altimeter altitude and pressure setting (A)

Move pressure adjust knob minimum amount

Observe altimeter altitude and pressure setting (B)


(A) 0m indicated, 920mb

(B) 127m indicated, 920mb


The pressure setting required to display 0m on this altimeter is outside of the physical range of the adjustment knob (920-1040mb) but is being initialized by program to this value. The displayed pressure setting is clamped to the possible range and does not reflect the actual pressure setting of the instrument. Any user adjustment causes a discontinuous jump to the allowable range with the associated jump in altimeter reading.


The initialization code should be updated to reflect the operating policies of individual country operators and the physical limitations of the instrument. I.e. QFE countries: QFE if possible, QNH otherwise, QNE otherwise.

QNH countries: QNH if possible, QNE otherwise.

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