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Speedlink Phantom Hawk internals

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Speedlink Phantom Hawk internals


I am going to use this for a DIY helicopter collective.


Having abandoned the idea to use the TM TWCS I was looking for the most buttons for cheapest.




You get:


1 Trigger


1 Pinky trigger


2 4 way hat and a button on the top of the stick


6 buttons on the base



One of the HAT’s is registering as single buttons.


This time I have added descriptions to the pictures on Flickr so you can read those there:


Speedlink Phantom Hawk



You have to install the drivers to get full use of the stick. Without them I had 3 buttons registering as button 2 and there was axis drift.

You can use the software to adjust the vibration force or disable it. The software also automatically ads a 2% deadzone to all axis's. This is adjustable.


I did manage to make my first successful TF-51D landing in DCS world with my wrong hand and without the drivers installed. I also had my rudder pedals disabled to test the twist axis


Yes I am a Lefty.


Hope this is useful.


Happy Sim Modding

AMD FX-4300 Quad-Core


32GB DDR3 1600 Dual Channel

GeForce GTX 970 4GB

23,6”+32”+23,6 16/9 screens

CH Flightstick Pro, Modded TM T:16000m, Saitek Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant, G27, TH Cougar MFD's

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