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Selling Throttle GVL224 "RUD 3х3"


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In the control unit there are 3 mechanics GVL224 (Supercharging, Screw pitch and universal). Mechanics of iron with the possibility of adjusting the resistance force, axles on bearings with non-contact sensors.


On the handle of the throttle 15 buttons, the place of the sixteenth button was occupied by a potentiometer (option).


Front panel:

- 3 axes on variable resistors (potentiometers);

- 8 buttons in one unit;

- 4 toggle switches without locks in the extreme positions (like 8 buttons).


If desired, two axes can be set on the side panels of the enclosure in variable resistors (potentiometers) if there is no potentiometer on the throttle handle, or one potentiometer if the potentiometer is left on the handle. No more than 8 axes in total.


The case is made of acrylic 3mm thick, collected as a 3D puzzle ..., available in black, white and transparent.


For questions and suggestions, write here or on my box GVL224@ukr.net

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Thanks SPDG, i recieved my RUD 224, ive tried it out and works perfectly, very easy plug and play and simple calibration. Works flawlessly in DCS. I think you have done a great job for the price you ask.

For the momentim goong to use it in my older setup for friends and hipefully my son gets addicted to DCS too:pilotfly:


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