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Serial number error for MIG 21


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Help. I have had the mig 21 since early access and recently came back to DCS work after a break. the MIG 21 will not validate my key when I launch DCS world non-steam.. it says "unable to run the application due to integrity fault on the activation key" on the DCS website and game I ran the validation check and all seems fine. Please assist. I love this plane and cannot use it.




A-10C, MI-8, UH-1, KA-50, F-86, P-51, FC-3, MIG-21

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To whom it may concern,

I am an idiot, unfortunately for the world, I have a internet connection and a fondness for beer....apologies for that.

Thank you for you patience.



Many people don't want the truth, they want constant reassurance that whatever misconception/fallacies they believe in are true..

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