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New GCICAP module tutorials


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Made some tutorials on a new GCICAP defense system module.


The module you need to use is the AI_A2A_GCICAP.

There is hardly any coding required to use this module.

And gradually new things can be added.


Don't start building a full blown mission from scratch and then expect all to work from step 1. Start small, try out, and then increment. Using this approach you'll have it working in no time.


The following video series is providing guidance and proof.

You can get a working A2A defense system after watching Tutorial 1.

The tutorials are step by step walks how to setup the mission editor and

how to link the components defined in the mission editor with the "script".


I am not going to publish this as a "demo mission". I want you to go through the steps because only then you learn.


Each tutorial increases a new concept or capability.



The code that is explained in tutorial 1 is:



GCICAP_Red = AI_A2A_GCICAP:New( "EWR Red", "Squadron Red" )

This statement provides you with a full fledged working A2A defense system.

Not difficult eh. It is explained in the video what each of these symbols mean.


Tutorial 2 introduces borders.

Tutorial 3 introduces CAP.

Tutorial 4 introduces grouping of targets.

Tutorial 5 introduces takeoff and landing methods by default.


Further tutorials will follow this or next week.




Ensure you download the Moose.lua file from this location:




The latest Moose.lua need to be grabbed is from the latest release (which is currently 2.2.0.pre).




Let me know how this works out for you.



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Great stuff, Sven.

Easy to understand tutorials, easy to understand scripting - in small steps, but perfect for one like me, that has little to no scripting experience. I can just dip my toe in it, and still have a simple form of CGICAP working, and with time, be neck deep hopefully :)


Thank you :thumbup:

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