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Warthog Mini Stick Problems


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Hey folks,


the mini stick on my warthog throttle stopped working.

With or withour TARGET Profile, the Device Tester shows no movement in the axis and so did no Game register the axis input.


Last time i did a uninstall and reinstall. Somehow i did something different this time, because it didnt work. When i uninstall the drivers the target software still recognizes the throttle and stick.


Has anyone similar experience with the warthog mini stick?

Any suggestions? any help?


i contacted the warthog support, however, last time they responded a blasting 22 days later....

a premium product and they need one month for a f****** email....

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A Update on this problem.

I switched USB Ports and now the mini stick works like a charm again.


Is there anybody with similar problems or is it just me?


Its the second time now that mini stick quit his function.


I have the Cougar, not the Hog, but have you considered re-flashing the firmware? Sometimes that works. Also, make sure you've installed the latest drivers.


How long have you had the Warthog? These gadgets can sometimes be a little flaky for whatever reason, and occasional re-flashes might be needed once in a while... Did you try unplugging it again and plugging it back into the original USB port you had it plugged into when the mini stick quit working? If so, does the mini stick still work?




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i bought the warthog just 3-4 months ago and its allready the 2nd time this happens.


Currently im at work but i will try to plug them back into the original ports and see what happens.


reflashing the firmware might be an idea too, i just checked if there is allready the correct firmware installed and there was so i didnt touch anything.


i cant tell for sure when the mini stick quit working, for that reason i cant tell if there was any windows update or something like that.

For a few weeks i just flew the P-51 where i dont need any, yesterday i tried BMS again and couldnt move the cursor.

I checked the A-10, same there....

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Yeah, happened to me although mine was totally gubbed. Ended up contacting TM who sent out another throttle pcb at a cost of £75 and it didn't work and they wouldn't accept a return, I was told I'd have to send the entire throttle unit to France for refurbishment!!! Flashing the firmware didn't work for me either.

I just ended up selling mine on eBay for £100 and getting another fully functional used one on eBay for £165.

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