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Single Player CTD - SAM


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We had the topic a couple of months ago, but i have still the problem. I tested it today again in on the normandy map. I found if i increase the number of SAM systems firing at me it increases the chance to crash. I tried 5 SAM firing at me and got a 100% crash to the desktop. First i was flying with D2M enabled, it crashed every time, then i disabled the D2M and DCS crashed again! Flying the same "mission" with another airplane(Mig-29/Su-27 tested) worked flawlessly. Link to the older thread: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=187056


Attached are the log files, the dxdiag, my options.lua and the "mission". Just takeoff and fly to the first waypoint, DCS crashes to desktop for me. I tried the SA-8-OSA, SA-13-Strela, SA-15-Tor, SA-19-Tunguska and the SA-18-Igla Manpads so far. DCS crashed 100% with all the SAM systems except the SA-18-Igla Manpads. The first time i tried the SA-18-Igla Manpads i had D2M enabled and i could circle around them while they were firing at me. The second time i tried this DCS crashed, same settings. With the other SAM systems i got a crash every time they fire at me.



Win 10 64bit

Ryzen 1800X


Radeon FuryX GPU

Modules: KA-50, A-10C, FC3, UH-1H, MI-8MTV2, CA, MIG-21bis, FW-190D9, Bf-109K4, F-86F, MIG-15bis, M-2000C, SA342 Gazelle, AJS-37 Viggen, F/A-18C, F-14, C-101, FW-190A8, F-16C, F-5E, JF-17, SC, Mi-24P Hind, AH-64D Apache, Mirage F1

System: Win 11 Pro 64bit, Ryzen 3800X, 32gb RAM DDR4-3200, PowerColor Radeon RX 6900XT Red Devil ,1 x Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus 2TB NVMe, 2 x Samsung SSD 2TB + 1TB SATA, MFG Crosswind Rudder Pedals - VIRPIL T-50CM and VIRPIL MongoosT-50 Throttle - HP Reverg G2, using only the latest Open Beta, DCS settings


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