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Translation bug in mission 8


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After finishing this very, very looong mission (took me almost those mentioned 2.5h), I noticed a slight bug in the end.



When it's said to contact the base with the communications menu/F10, then that text isn't translated into english (see screenshot).



It says Perotov na RP Majkon-Sanckraja or something like this (I'm not that good with the russian letters)



However, some notes/feedback on the mission



As mentioned in the other thread, it won't really work with 1.5.7 (but it works fine with 1.5.6. It was the perfect mission to get used to the new controls though. I mean, after 2h 20 minutes with 4 sling loads, you simply learn the thing. Too bad I broke some of the cargo.



When landing at the airport, I ran out of fuel when taxiing to the parking lot (missed it by maybe 40m, but the mission anyway was a success). As mentioned in another thread, you could even crash the mission and you'd have enough points to proceed in the campaign. Maybe crashing the helo should reduce the points to 50.



When exiting, it really felt like "work" (in a positive context though). It was like "ok, I did my oilfield duty for today". It was a hard task, but when you go to bed in the evening, you know what you did. I especially liked how one base started to grew while the other started to "reduce".



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