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Help me out here please; F-16A to F-16C bl.52d (flyable mod)


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Hello. I’ve found and downloaded this F-16A mod from here:

F-16A Flyable for DCS 2.0 *UPDATED COCKPIT 90%* + 75% Night Lights


*The mod works on the “Alpha” version and has a custom, 3d cockpit. Flies nice too.


Well, can anyone help me changing it (F-16A), to the (F-16C bl.52d)?

I’ve already tried; editing some files on the mod folder. Didn’t work well…

I’ve somehow managed to make the ‘C’ model flyable but, I lose the cockpit.

*Only get the ‘HUD’ information but, no cockpit…


I’ve also downloaded this MBot’s great, great dynamic campaign from here:

F-15C Dynamic Campaign: Screaming Eagle


*It’s a very engaging and fun campaign. The FPS are good too.


Is mostly for the F-15C. A F-16C squadron is there too.

Editing a file, the player can run the campaign, flying the F-16C.

It works but, as I’ve already written, I’ve problems with the mod… no cockpit.


A more experienced moder can help me? I really wanted to fly the ‘Viper’…

I know the FM is not good but, it would be fun play the campaign ‘driving’ the F-16C.

Any help would be really appreciated. Regards to all.

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I think the reason is that the F-16c bl.52d's name is too long,when we give its cockpit named Cockpit_F-16C bl.52d.edm, the game does not know it. so we get no cockpit for the F-16C bl.52d.


if you want to fly F-16C,you must modify the F-16C.lua and db_countries.lua,change all F-16C bl.50 to F-16C,then you can fly it as you fly F-16A.


in the entry.lua,you should pay attention to these lines:


InputProfiles =



["F-16c"] = current_mod_path .. '/Input/F-16C',




the "c"is not capitalized.


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Hello. First of all; thank you very, very much for your help. The problem is, your ‘Viper’ is “F-16C_bl.52d” (custom plane) not “F-16C bl.52d” (DCS plane).

So; if I use your plane, I need to ‘heavily’ edit the campaign. If I use mine; well, I don’t have a cockpit!




Anyway thanks for the help. To show my appreciation…



Longday ahead...


F-15 taxing...


F-4 waiting...


Here I go...


Waiting for others...


In the company of friends...


Kind regards.

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