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Trim, autopilot standby paddle and asymmetric load


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Here are some thoughts that have gone through my mind lately.


Some starting information :


In our M-2000C the autopilot standby paddle reset the trim as soon as you press it.


An asymmetrical load-out is not compensated by the FBW system, requiring the pilot to trim the aircraft in order to compensate for the induced roll.


The stick does not move when the pilot trim the aircraft.


From my understanding, on the real Mirage 2000 stick, the autopilot standby paddle is depressed as soon as the pilot hold the stick.


The problem :


Right now as most of us don't have a Mirage 2000 C stick replica this problem is not obvious.


But if the pilot always depress the autopilot standby paddle with an asymmetric load he can't trim the aircraft to counter it as the paddle resets the trim.


So the pilot would have to ease its grip on the stick in order to not press the paddle or to manually compensate for the asymmetry by moving the stick.

Both of those solution really seams awkward, that's why I think there is a bug somewhere.


The possible solutions :


The autopilot standby paddle does not reset the trim, hence allowing the pilot to trim the aircraft while holding the stick.


The FBW compensate for the asymmetric load thus removing the need for trim.


In my opinion the second one is more likely.




I would really like to read you guys opinion on this, don't hesitate to shame me if my logic is flawed :D.


And i would really, really like to read what CptSmiley think of this :).

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