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[For Sale] TM Warthog+Gladiator adapter, Warthog throttle, KG12 Gladiator grip,...


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I'm selling the following:


1. TM Warthog flight stick: It currently has the adapter for the VKB Gladiator Pro Mk.1 installed, so i would prefer to sell it as it is and not replace the adapter with the normal TM connector, though that is a possibility if someone wants to take the adapter seperately. Since the adapter was not a tight and snuck fit and wobbled a little bit, i put some rubber between the adapter and the stick. It's basically invisible and it fixes the issue completely, but i'm mentioning it anyway. Overall it's in used condition, so some paints chipped off on some of the hat switches, but overall it works perfectly fine.


Price: 150 EUR+shipping (that's with the adapter and the springs and cam that comes with it)



2. SOLD TM Warthog mounting plate for Monster Tech table mounts in silver in new condition:


Price: SOLD



3. I also still have the normal TM Warthog stick gimbal with metal base plate and also a 7.5 cm stick extension, but the gimbal is really worn out, so i would prefer to not sell it together with the stick, but more as a spare part offer, if anybody is interested. Not sure what price i can take for all that, if you're interested, just let me know.


Shipping is from Germany, i would prefer to ship it to European countries, but i would ship it to the US (though the shipping costs are a bit extreme). If you're interested but think the prices are too high, just let me know and we can try to figure something out.

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