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Mission 2 seems broken in 1.5.7


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I just tried mission 2, but the guys are not cleaning the roof. According to this video, they should fire on the guys on the roof after the explosion:





And this is what's going to happen when I play the mission:cry::



As you can see, the explosion also happens (at 1:30) when I contact the special forces, but the guys simply don't fire on the enemies on the roof.



Armen, can you please have a look at this?:helpsmilie: Or can anyobdy else confirm this problem? I'd really like to continue with the mission :joystick:

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This is a temporary bug related to AI infantry. Try to clear the roof yourself, and the mission will continue.


Good luck!

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Just a slight but important addition - looks like the "bandits" are also russians.

Therefore you'll get a message about friendly fire and losing all your points after completing the mission if you kill them. With that said, it's not a good solution. If you have to clean up the roof by yourself, then the bandits should have another nationality! :protest:

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Thanks for the reply. I think I recorded the session, so I should be able to check it out. However, I only fired on the building and on the car (outside the village), therefore it's very unlikely I hit somebody else.


The result screen said "killed bandids RUS" or something like this. Well, let's simply hope ED will fix the AI bug ;-)

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Well, I had a look at the video of my mission and it seems like you were right. So sorry for that - even though you don't see me hitting anything on the video. BUT the truck behind the building was on fire after attacking the roof top and I suppose that was the one that resulted in the friendly fire. I'd say that was just collateral dammage though :dontgetit:



Truck on the left alive

1st shot - clearly into the roof

2nd shot - edge of roof (but I suppose the left part of the shot went above the roof - however, the truck was not in sight anymore, so the shot should have went above the truck as well IMO)

3rd-5th shot - clearly into the building


Truck on the left in flames



PS No, Simicro, don't say a word :doh:

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