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F-15 A-G radar and AMRAAM weirdness.

Capn kamikaze

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Just had something weird happen, I caught some Su-30's returning from a strike, shot down one with a AIM-120, and the other was on final approach, I was in gun mode, and had to pull away so as to not CFIT, went into a loop and lined up for a straffing run, and my radar reacquired the Su-30, he was well into his landing roll, probably doing about 50kts, and my radar still locked him up.... on the ground.


The AIM-120 weirdness is that one of them shot down an R-27ER, missile vs missile (ignore that, reviewed the tacview, it's just spurious data, attributing a hit wrongly)


The gun mode reacquiring on the ground still stands, it should not be able to do that.

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