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to BELSIMTEK Engine Resources slide bar question


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Hello guys.


Wonderfull job here, this is like a new Sim actually...


I have a question. i love the possibility of using the Engine Resource slide bar in the ME. Now...


I understand that this try to simulates (in a simple way) the wear of the engines... so the lower the % the lower the performance.


I guess, that during the flight, internally, you have a series of details, and data, crossing, and this % is reducing if you make a bad use of the collective.


I dont knwo how you work with data, but it would be interesting, for us pilots to be able to simulate this wear from flight to flight. is there any way to get this information during the flight??


SO, long story short, I would like to start fliying let say with 100%... and during the flight, I had a couple emergency situations where I exceded the EGTs etc... So when i arrive, i stop the UH, and then i would like (via scripting or something) to get information aboout what is the current %...


So if I get a message saying, your current engine status is 85%. In the next flight, I ll just put 85% in the slide bar...


WOuld be awsesome for us squadrons to manage logistics, in our training, and campaigns.


Is that possible?

Is it planned?

If not... does it sound "doable" or "interesting for you?



Thank you very much

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