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My first attempt at posting some nice screens...


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Nice ones! :)



FX 55 Sandy@ 3.03 GHz

Tuniq Tower 120

DFI Lanparty CFX 3200-DR/G

(2X) X1950XTX Crossfire@ 695 core

2048 OCZ PC 3200 Platinum (2-3-2-5)

Antec TP3 650

Samsung 19" LCD (8ms)

Saitek X-45 HOTAS

Track IR 4

CH Pro Pedals


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Thanks guys for the appreciation!

I took those a long time ago with Lockon 1.0 or the first patch...

I had at the time a 2.4Gh P4 with ATI9800pro and later a X800XT.


I have lots of more recent ones that are much better. I have now a core2DUO 6000 with nVidia the great card 7950X2 (2 in one).


I will post more later.


By the way, the coastal city is Jalta.





In DCS I fly jets with thousands of pounds of thrust...

In real life I fly a humble Cessna Hawx XP II with 210 HP :D

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