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CTD in MP when troops start the "embark" task.


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When i activate a groupe of 5 soldiers that are tasked to embark in zone AND when a client is connected, the game crashes.

It seems to crash not when the troops spawn but when they start running to the embarking zone.


When i am alone on the server (just me the host), it works without any problems.


What causes this crash is still unclear to me because this mission worked the first time we made it until i asked the soldiers to embark in my helicopter, we were about a mile away when they spawned and started the task, logs and mission attached.







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Right my mistake, i just realised after trying the mission out again that i activated a group which was controlled by players and wasn't in late activation.


(GROUPE ACTIVATE "New Helicopter Group" instead of GROUPE ACTIVATE "New Vehicule group #001)


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