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Noob ignorant quest


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I was over looking the warning and suspension topic that was recently readdresses.


It mentions trading and selling mods


I’m assuming your referring to the the mods we purchase frnom dcs/. Let’s say you were unaware old this rule when you started and went all out buying most everything offered. Now the more you get into dcs decide that you should maybe limit yourself to one jet and one helo.


None that leaves me let’s say the a10 and Huey and anything associated with them. So you remove the other three helps and the rest of the fixed wing aircraft and related campaign and such. From what I read I will have to sell them offsite or thru a pm passing on the data needed. I assume that the currency keyed setup checks for active mods and iirc I would need to give the key they would need to contact you. To assign the key to their account and remove it from mine. But if I try to post a sale out in the open here I get a warning then a suspension for the second instance is that the second item up for sale or second such sale with in the 3 month period I get a suspension/.


Iirc if I buy a mod try it out don’t think I’ll like I can return it if it’s return within the window. But I made a couple large volume buys and I never got to Theodore because I’ve been constraint on the Huey primarily and the a10c secondary. The rest except the helps have never been loaded except maybe the harrier.

BlackeyCole 20years usaf

XP-11. Dcs 2.5OB

Acer predator laptop/ i7 7720, 2.4ghz, 32 gb ddr4 ram, 500gb ssd,1tb hdd,nvidia 1080 8gb vram



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