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DMT not slewing


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I've bound the TDC slew to the slew hat on my T.16000 HOTAS throttle and it works perfectly with the TPOD. It won't, however slew the DMT or Mav sensor at all, so to target Mavs I have to use default key bindings to both find with DMT and lock the target with Mav. Also, there is always an offset between TPOD target and the DMT point, is this normal?





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Just tried it, even with no TPOD loaded, the DMT and Mav sensors won’t slew with TDC slew axis.

They do respond to the keyboard inputs and TDC down/action works on the hotas.

If TPOD didn’t slew as normal I’d assume it was my hotas playing up but it’s prefect. For Mav & DMT I get no movement at all.

I’m not ruling out my own stupidity at all but I genuinely can’t work it out. If I’d missed a switch the DMT/Mav wouldn’t slew to the key inputs.

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