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ACP increase/decrease wrong assigned.


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Hi, i made some Panels with most of the important stuff for the AV8B and and found out some of the increase/decrease switches like "multiple release" or "release interval" change the wrong values. As example the "Multiple Release 0X" changes "Release Interval 00X" and "Release Interval 00X" only changes "Multiplier" up if i remember correct. I would be really thankful if this bug gets finaly fixed because its in the module since the release.

PC: i7 6700K - GTX980ti - ASUS Z170P D3 - 32GB DDR3 - Samsung 850Evo - 5TB HDD

Displays: BenQ RL2455HM - Acer Pred. XB241H - BenQ RL2455HM

Controller: Modded TM WH grip on VKB Glad.2PRO, TM WH Trottle, TM MFD`s,

Saitek Rudder, 3xArduino Mega+Leonardo for AV8B panels, TIR5,

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