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very low loading speed


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hi all

since installing DCS 2.5 beta it takes much longer to load.

sorry if already mentioned or perhaps it is normal as i didn't found a thread.


It takes some 1 min 40 sec. to get the game started!

It takes 6 min. 45 sec. and 1 timing out ,to enter the cockpit in a 15 ping multiplayer server with 8 players.!

the task manager often shows "no reaction" and "activate task" does not help


my pc:

intel®core i7 cpu 965@3.20 GHz

18 gig RAM

direct x 11

windows 7 Home 64 bit

thanks for reading this

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Not really sure this is the right section for this post unless the problem only occurs with the harrier and not other modules?


Either way, your CPU is old, very old. But the main problem is probably your hard drive, are you running a spinning older driver of an SSD?


I however have the same problem, but i run an 5930k and a gtx 1070. The game is installed on an SSD aswell.

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