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DCS-BIOS CMSP Mode Select SwitchMultiPos Issue


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When I copy over the code to upload the CMSP mode rotary I am unable to compile. This is what I am trying to upload:


const byte cmspModePins[5] = {8_0, 9_1, 10_2, 11_3, 12_4};
DcsBios::SwitchMultiPos cmspMode("CMSP_MODE", cmspModePins, 5);


I have the same problem with any other code where I have to define the position (PIN_0, PIN_1, etc.)


Is there something I am not adding? Thanks. I have done some searches but I can't find an answer.

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It's the exact same as romeokilo explained you here; https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3396378&postcount=2


Remove the _0, _1, _2, _3 & _4;


const byte cmspModePins[5] = {8, 9, 10, 11, 12};
DcsBios::SwitchMultiPos cmspMode("CMSP_MODE", cmspModePins, 5)


You just change out the PIN_0, PIN_1 etc with what ever pins you have. An yes on a Nano you may use analog inputs as well but only 0-5, e.i.


const byte cmspModePins[5] = {A0, A1, A2, A3, A4};
DcsBios::SwitchMultiPos cmspMode("CMSP_MODE", cmspModePins, 5)

Will also work. Of cause you then have to wire to these pins.


Caution pin 13 should preferrably be used as ouput, otherwise you may have de-solder the onboard LED.




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