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Mission 8 - Mixed messages

John C Flett

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Just played mission 8 and had a lot of problems with messages that were out of sequence or incorrect.


A large part of this was my own fault, I flew the final loop the wrong way round, but it was still confusing.


Two that were wrong though; between WP 2 and WP 3 I got a text message about a German convoy and "don't know what my grandfather would think" but no sound.


Later when Sluggy comes in for the pickup the text reported coming in and the Kamovs pointing their guns but the soundfile was "Meatboy, roger engaging over".


Also, no reflection on the mission, but I lost Meatboy about halfway when he flew into a mountain.


The mission still played out fine though.


Really enjoying this campaign.

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Ah ok.


There won't be any fix on anything dealing with the SA-342 as well as other modules btw now. 1.5 is left in the current state and won't be updated by ED. Get on the 2.5, it's simply not the same and it's nearly sad for you to play the 1.5 campaign now.


2.5 Campaign should be released in few weeks. (Depending on when ED updates the files)

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Actually, that was still 1.5 I'm playing. I'm holding off to 'til the official release.


Really enjoying it and just about to fly the next mission.

I assume you are on 1.5.8?

If so, may I suggest you revert back to latest 1.5.7?

I'm still on 1.5.7 mainly because I find 1.5.8 to bugy, especially in relation to campaigns and AI behavior. The 1.5.7 -> 1.5.8 update was a rather bigg one, getting closer to 2.2 at the time, messing things up.

In 1.5.7 missions, campaigns and AI still work as they were intended (AI has always been stupid though).

Helicopters and Viggen

DCS 1.5.7 and OpenBeta

Win7 Pro 64bit

i7-3820 3.60GHz

P9X79 Pro


GTX 670 2GB

VG278H + a Dell

PFT Lynx

TrackIR 5

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if 1.5.8 is the latest then yes, but I've not had any problems with AI apart from that wingman crash.


Could be it caused the text and sound to get mixed but that was purely cosmetic so not too big an issue.


This close to the merge I'm not sure a rollback is worth the effort but I'll keep an eye on it's behaviour thanks.

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Similar problems here. I took the trip, killed a couple of tracks and a Mi-8 (ordered the AH-64 to shoot), picked up the downed Kiowa crew and returned to base. After the Kiowa crew pick up, no other message came on. Landed at the FARP and mission score was 50%. What should I have done??

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