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  1. thanks for your Huey lua scripts, will try them out ASAP, regs J

  2. Hi Pet, Sorry for the very late reply. I haven't flown or been active on the forums for over half a year, and didn't get a notification that somebody had posted in this thread I myself created. Anyhow, these views are very specific for the Huey and were official long time ago, but got disabled for some strange reason. Luckily they remained in the lua files and just needed to be activated again. That is what I have done here, so actually not really added them. What can be done to the Hind I have no clue, can't install DCSW 2.7 due to still on win 7 with no plans for an upgrade.
  3. Happy to see my Huey MOD could help you with this. Strange that it caused issues when added to the joystick file. Anyhow, the lines was taken from the default.lua files used as a foundation for many modules, located somewhere in the CoreMod folder I think (can't remember exact location, not at my computer at the moment, CoreMod might even be wrong). Code for other functions not module specific can be found in these files and most likely can be used in a similar manner as the flashlight.
  4. You have to activate the crew status. You do that with a certain key combination, unfortunately I don't remember it now but you can just search through the keyboard assignments in settings.
  5. I don't know what that might be, but I really hope this doesn't make me look like a self proclaimed know-it-all... We already have too many of them around these forums as it is
  6. He he, I feel honored to be called an SME, especially for the Viggen. But however much I would love that to be true, I'm sorry to say that I'm pretty far from it... I guess your memory just slipped a bit, happens to us all. [emoji2]
  7. Updated 2.5.6 version for latest OB! Sorry for being late with this one again. Unfortunately I removed the last one before this, working with latest Stable release and I don't have a backup... Hopefully Stable will be updated to 60966 soon.
  8. I had a quick look at it. The reason it works with X-Plane and not DCS are the way the developer have chosen to grab the information from X-Plane, namely from the "Data Input & Output" / "Data Set". That delivers data in I think CSV format for general usage. DCS-to-GPS requires the format to be in either NMEA or AHRS format. If the developer had chosen to grab the X-Plane information via one of the AHRS export options instead, it would have worked with DCS-to-GPS as well. I'm guessing he made his choice based on wanting to have access to aircraft systems like the pitot static system (pressures), for whatever reason. Maybe I could implement a way to export DCS information in the way A-EFIS requires, but to be perfectly honest with you I don't believe I have the time to spare, and at the time being I don't fly much myself at all either. But maybe, in a not foreseeable future, I might give it a try just for the challenge. In that case you hear about it here.
  9. I will see if I can get the android version to work. If it works with X-Plane the likelihood it works with DCS is high. At the moment I don't find much time for siming, so don't expect a quick answer, but I'll do it as soon as I can.
  10. Updated 2.5.6 version for latest OB! Sorry for the delay. Fixed for the new MP functionality (I hope ). If something still doesn't seem to work, pleas write here and describe it with as mush information as possible, I don't run MP myself so will not notice anything specific to that. It was a surprisingly small fix, and since Stable and OB currently has the same version numbers I trust it will work with both. The pre 2.5.6 version have been removed. Download from first post.
  11. Ah, bummer! After I updated DCS myself I did as I usually do and check all installed MODs and corrected everyone that needed it, saved this one to be done last...and forgot all about it... I don't run MP myself and to be honest I haven't even started DCS since last update. Thanks for the reminder, will see if I can do it tonight. Otherwise everything I've done is in the beginning of the files with comments for it, so meanwhile you can just copy that part and insert it into a copy of the original unmoded files.
  12. It's not abandoned per se, he just consider it finished in light of the original template idea. It was never ment to become a finished full fidelity module, but merely a prof of concept and a template for others to build upon. Main part being the coding under the hood, not the graphics. This is my understanding of it any how.
  13. The g_panel_page.lua got changed in the last OB update and the MODed one has to be updated accordingly. Simplest way is to copy the original file and on line 37 add a new line saying: object.invisible = false -- MODDED Use this MODed file for all versions of the MOD. That last "-- MODDED" is just to mark what has been added for future reference (I typed exactly as in the original MOD, you can write whatever you like).
  14. To be perfectly honest, if "one FARP = one helicopter" is true, it should not be allowed to select different parking spots for a single FARP. I haven't looked at this myself yet, but you might have found a small bug after all.
  15. Did you used only one FARP? I don't know about selecting parking spots, but for what I know: One FARP = one helicopter I might be wrong, but I doubt it.
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