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Sensors info (question to razbam)


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Hello Razbam Team.


I am enjoying very much the Av8.


I like to make missions and scripts.


I would like to know if is there anyway to return coordinates via script function from any of the Av8 sensors? TPOD, FLIR or any?


If so, I could use it to send information to IA aircrafts or even ground units, to go to, or to bomb, etc. I could even point an LZ to land Helicopters and drop off Marines... I am able to do that but just overflying the zone, if I can get the location and via F10 menu, tonsave the coordinates, I could do lot of funny things.


Please, any suggestion?

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I believe that should be done as primary task to be possible, as the TPOD (TGP) was a field modified for AV-8B N/A to be able send the video feed to ground for JTAC etc, and then they could see what pilot saw and mark even on the video positions what were the targets etc and pilot would see that on MFCD.


So one of the things from there is the coordinates as well to be send via scripting.

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good to know... for instance the Gazelle could not. (and it pissed me off, since it is a recon helo).


But let see if Razbam tells us how to.


My solution is... if the enemy is in line of sight and in front of the aircraft you are flying... you can detect any enemy and use it for the AI to attack him.


Very funny indeed. (Gazelle recon script)

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