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Mig 15 cockpit lights, UV lights


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ARUFOSH ultraviolet lights don't appear to be working for me from a cold start, I've tried a number of variations in startup procedure but have not been able to activate them. In an airstart Mig15 they work just fine.


KLS-39 white cockpit lights appear to work but too faintly to be useful, air start or cold start is the same.


The KLS-39s I think just need to be rebalanced to DCS 2.5 lighting, but the ARUFOSH might be a bug, can someone else please check and maybe let me know if I'm doing something wrong?


I do see the O p e r a t i o n p e c u l i a r i t y of A R U F O S h l a m p s section in the manual, however the lights aren't lighting in the first place, and I have tried several methods of moving the RUFO rheostats and simply haven't gotten any UV lighting in the cockpit.



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