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New [A10C] Mission "Haristvala Dawn: Extract"

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My first attempt at mission building. Constructive feedback is welcome. I have an idea for an entire "Haristvala Dawn" series or campaign but will wait for feedback first


Brief Summary: A SpecOps team's primary extraction has gone FUBAR and they are attempting to make secondary extraction site while being pursued. You will provide CAS to assist their Exfil



Pro-Russian "rebels" are moving to establish strongholds across Georgia. A US Special Ops team (callsign: Blackbeard) working with Georgian forces are operating in the area near Haristvala. A US BlackHawk (callsign: WarHorse), escorted by a Georgian Mi-24 (callsign: Springfield) will be extracting the team. An MQ-9 Reaper (callsign: Uzi) is providing overwatch


Intel indicates that the Rebel forces have Mechanized Infantry and mobile AAA/SAM operating in the area


Note: Winds are moderate/turbulent. See briefing for wind conditions



You will lead a 2ship flight (A-10C) from Kobuleti to provide additional CAS as needed to protect Blackbeard


Note: Knowledge of LASTE and Coordinate Input (both L/L and UTM) will be helpful but not necessary


- Enemy units consist of Mechanized Infantry and mobile AAA/SAM

- Score is based on how many friendly units survive

- Uses Custom sounds & Radio Calls

- Uses Caucasus map (2.5)


EDIT: As I learn more about mission building, I've decided that I will probably re-do this mission with better sound files, scripts and make it both MP/SP with more player controlled aircraft (ex: the rescue Huey and possibly a KA-50 and/or add SU-25 for CAS role) However, I will wait for feedback (from this and the 2nd mission I made) before releasing an update.


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