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Black Shark Upgrade

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Good morning,


I have the original boxed copy of Black Shark. I have the upgrade to Black Shark 2, but I'm wondering - is there any way to "upgrade" to the standalone version, short of paying full retail price?


It's a pain in the plums to have to install the boxed version, put in serial key, then download the update and put in the serial key for that.


I only ask because the current method of the DCS World "OS" and installing modules afterwards is so damn straightforward, it just works, you know? It's a good way of doing it!


Trying to install from the DVD (which mine doesn't work very well) seems so.....antiquated :)


Anyway, no worries, if it can't be done.


Thanks in advance.

i5-12400F, 32GB Corsair Vengeance LPX, MSI RTX4060 8GB, 1TB Corsair Pro NVME.

Finally, I can run DCS!!!


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