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Media key toggles landing gear.

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Hi all,


As I'm sure many of you do, I have media keys on my keyboard that allow me to play/pause music. These had no affect on anything until recently in DCS. I was flying around and had to pause my music in order to listen to something - at which point the landing gear extended. I pushed the pause/play key a few more times and it seems as if it were bound? I then went to the controls to see if there was any issue there, however the only key bound to it was 'G' which is normal. I even pressed the media key whilst in the controls to see if any other controls were affected, yet the landing gear extension/retraction was the only thing highlighted. Almost as if it is an extra 'G' key... I have not had this problem before and it does not affect any other games or normal every day use. I have also checked the keyboard device manager and double checked to see if there is anything else bound to the Media Pause/Play key - there is not.


If anyone may have any idea as to what is causing this or how to fix this, I would be eternally grateful.

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