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Mavericks Cage After Firing


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Can't recall seeing this prior to the latest patch + hotfix in 2.5OB.


Launch a Maverick and the next seeker is caged at boresight and not already slaved to SPI.


Is this new or have I never noticed this before?



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Pretty sure it's always been like this, only the selected Maverick's seekerhead moves at any one time.

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I've been seeing this myself lately so I did a little testing with AGM-65Ds.


What I noticed was:

-When you're carrying 2+ per station on an LUA-88 the next rounds are already slaved to the previous target like I was used to.

-When you're carrying 1 per station on an LUA-117 the second Maverick is bore-sighted instead of pointing where your first round was fired.


Is this expected behavior or a bug?

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