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  1. I would concur that CBUs are once again hitting where intended but I would also agree they are not as effective as in the past. Certainly nowhere near as effective “wide field” as they are in Wags’s video where CBU-105s were introduced for the Viper (regardless of HOF setting)
  2. CBU-105s are also exhibiting a tendency to drop long. I put 50 tanks along the runway at Groom Lake, put a steerpoint right on the lead tank in the ME (at the correct MSL), flew in right along the runway heading and while tanks 2, 3, 4 and 5 went BOOM, tank #1 was untouched. Came around again on the same in run and targeted tank #50 and while one skeet found him, the bulk of the munitions blew up as just anti-personel munitions behind him. (Posted image was grabbed while I was heading back along the reciprocal heading from my first attack pass)
  3. Use Mark Points and Slave All. You may have to throw in a quick TGP reset via the OSB, but either way, everything will go to the target and stay there using a Mark Point.
  4. If the donor is on your net. This is a non-net friendly SPI from perhaps a (AI) Viper or Eagle. Probably an A2A target. If you’re inside the 42nm rendering range, hook it and slave your TGP to it and you’ll see what it is.
  5. SPI from another friendly aircraft.
  6. Nice! Good “real world” info... I have to admit that I wasn’t aware of the TMS R LONG action to make last Markpoint SPI.
  7. It takes two seconds via UFC FUNC + 5 to get to flight plan and just hit the button to swap from AUTO to MAN and then hit FUNC + 0 to go back to Steer Mode.
  8. Try working with Mark Points for targeting. Much easier and more reliable to slew all to a Mark Point as Steerpoint for bringing weapons to bear.
  9. Fore and Aft "Long" cycles the profiles
  10. If you fly straight and level for too long, GBU-38s, GBU-31s and GBU-54s can “go to sleep” on you. It’s a good practice to waggle your wings a bit or make slight turns so they stay awake. If they “nod off” and you attempt to pickle, you’ll get an abort.
  11. The TGP on the A-10 (either flavor) has never been able to see any farther than about 43nm.
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