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Seat to use with pro flight trainer puma


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I’m searching for the best seat to use with my pft puma setup. I thought I had a good temp seat but despite its 400lb rating it gave way with me in less than two weeks of gental use. It was a folding blind chair from sportsman guide the big boy model iirc then I tried my expensive folding blind seat from cabelas but it was too tall and gig all around and the arm rests while stowed were still in the way. Next I went to a folding seat from Caldwell shooting but it was two low. I had been using a folding card chair since settling it up but it’s too tall and not that comfortable. I don’t expect a better version if I swap the broken one for a new one figure they all are to the same standard. So I’m getting my money back.


Now I’ve been looking at the speed master setup and thNk it might work for me since I’ll need two setups for my controls the fighterand the rotary which I already have along with a ga setup on a wasp for saitek yoke. I can use the removable fron.t end of the speed master put my fighter controls on it and fix up a add setup to remove it from the actual seat then position the front end I need for the ac I’m flying wether fighter, ga or helo but this is over $500 probably to get it here in the USA.




Well I paid for the speedmaster flight based on comment by the initiator of the sm flight post he spent his time researching the possibility to remove the front section so he could slide it under his desk for other tastings on his computer while the primary use of my flight computer is just that I have Apple products for the rest of my computer needs if the oculus was Mac compatible when I purchased my Acer preditor I wouldn’t have got it. My need for separating the front from the seat is my pft puma helo controls now if I’m very lucky I might be able to combine both but will not know until I try after receiving the flight seat. If not the I might be an le to mount most flight controls to the sm front end starting at the seat working forward. Fighter throttle LHS of the seat ga/comm throttles Rhs of seat center front of seat fighter stick, up-leg part of front end yoke, pedals on pedals plate. That would allow all fixed wing to be flown with the front end installed swap out front end for pft puma then you got rotary wing controls then move out the pft and insert the wheel stand pro with my madcatz racing controls I’ll have vr setups for driving game and sim a be able to fly anything large small fixed or rotary wing with controls of the correct type I a relative accurate location. And once the gloves that allow you own hands to interact with the switches and knobs of the virtual cockpit. If that works and room become available I might even add a 6dof motion platform that will allow the swap out of the front pieces. That would be great figure I be up to generation 2 or 3 of my oculus rift.


The other seat I’ve been looking at is one of the playseat I don’t remember if the flight or Air Force was my preferred one one looked like the base could be weak because of a lack of cross members one was a metal open fram with little cross member support and the other one which had the base I preferred was a solid side support with some crossmember supports.


First besides the office chair which I don’t want and the dyi aces type seat which I also don’t want what is out there that I’ve not mentioned? I know it like Goldilocks finding the right seat for the puma. But there got to be a perfect setup for this 315lb 6’2” senior citizen.

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