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[Guide]: Make Walmis F-15C model lives together with all other mods (no conflict)


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Hi guys!

I’m sure that almost all people like Walmis’ hi-detail F-15C model but many people still have troubles: you guys’ll lose Walmis’ F-15 skins , pylons problem when install other mods with different Meinit.xmls which are useful for those mods, many others don’t know how to make an installable/ uninstallable F-15 mod without conflict to others with Wamis F-15.EXE as well as don’t know how to make it live together with others, especially Su-25T modded skins (almost all are in CDDS with new suitable re-edited MEinit for them)

If you’re having the Walmis’ F-15C model beta 2.0 or somebody who still don’t have it yet, plz download his model first

Next, extract the Walmis’s model (.RAR) with Winrar 3.60, you’ll have an executable .EXE file with filesize 37Mb, i didn’t remember its name exactly but in the below picture you guys can see i renamed it to “Walmis F-15C Model Beta 2” to easy to remember


Then you have 2 choices to make it as an installable/ uninstallable mod with Modman 5:

_ First method: click on the Walmis F-15 model.EXE to install it automatically into the game

_ Second method: you should have 7-Zip installed first (7-Zip v4.42 or newer is a freeware). Then choose Walmis F-15C model.EXE with right mouse --> scroll down to 7-Zip ---> Extract file......

Choose an any folder to decompress the .EXE file, you’ll have what you’re seeing here


Next, you have to do some things:

Take some files in the Kys1257’s WF-33 model as example, you have to use Walmis’ Updatecfg which i’ve attached at the bottom of this page

_ Unzip this .RAR file, then rename Updatecfg.exe into f15_updatecfg.exe

_ Create a new blank text document by clicking right mouse ---> New ---> Text Document

_ Open this new blank text doc, copy this:

config/graphics.cfg<>TextureCollections<>add<>common = ".\\Bazar\\World\\f15_maintextures.cdds";<>-install[/size][/font]
[font=.VnTime][size=4]config/graphics.cfg<>TextureCollections<>add<>common = ".\\Bazar\\World\\f15_newtextures.cdds";<>-install[/size][/font]
[font=.VnTime][size=4]config/graphics.cfg<>TextureCollections<>rem<>common = ".\\Bazar\\World\\f15_maintextures.cdds";<>-uninstall[/size][/font]
[font=.VnTime][size=4]config/graphics.cfg<>TextureCollections<>rem<>common = ".\\Bazar\\World\\f15_newtextures.cdds";<>-uninstall

Paste this to the new blank text doc, save this text as f15_settings.TXT

Then, you also have another 2 choices:

_ You can select all files which relates to Walmis F-15C in the game folder (all most important files in Bazar/ World/ Shapes)

_ Or choose all important files in unzipped Walmis’ F-15 folder you’ve decompressed. There’re some files you must have:

_ f-15.LOM - 1,657Kb

_ f-15-LOD.LOM – 782kb

_ f-15-LOD2.LOM – 451Kb

_ F-15.skins – 7Kb

_ f15_maintextures.cdds – 47,238Kb

_ f15_newtextures.cdds – 25,267Kb

_ Walmis F15’s Meinit.xml – 1,424Kb or my re-edited default Meinit which pylons and Walmis skins for his model are fixed attached below

Let take a look on this pic:



And there’re 2 files you can’t lack for the mod:

_ f15_updatecfg.exe

_ f15_settings.txt - do not re-edit Graphics.cfg, won’t conflict to anything

The F15_SETTINGS.TXT will just add 2 new lines more (f15_maintextures.cdds & f15_newtextures.cdds) into the default Graphics.cfg, do not need to replace default Graphics.cfg with a new one , if do that (replace it with a new Graphics.cfg with 2 lines added more) it may conflict to all other mods, you also remove these 2 lines only, without any problems

Next, open Modman Add-on Maker window:

_ Select 4 files: f-15.LOM, f-15-LOD.LOM, f-15-LOD2.LOM and F-15.skins to install to Bazar\ World\ Shapes

_ Meinit.xml’ll be installed to ME folder

_ f15_maintextures.cdds and f15_newtextures.cdds will be installed to Bazar\ World

_ f15_updatecfg.exe & f15_settings.txt will be installed to game root folder

Then, open File Management window:

_ Create 2 command lines by clicking “ADD” button twice

_ Discribe operations as below:

after install; RUN; f15_updatecfg.exe f15_settings.txt –install

Before uninstall; RUN; f15_updatecfg.exe f15_settings.txt –uninstall

Attention: between f15_updatecfg.exe and f15_settings.txt is a blank and the same between f15_settings.txt and –install/ -uninstall

YOU DO NOT NEED TO CARE ABOUT: Graphics.cfg, Walmis’ f15_installer.exe or f15_updater.exe

Finally, choose a nice photo for the mod, give it some descritions then save it as a RAR or ZIP file (will over 47Mb)

That’s !!!!

Hope you guys like my instruction, good luck

P/s: Re-edit all other mod’s Meinit.xml (all most are Su-25T skins with cdds files) will give you a jolly life with all other mods without prob forever: new Walmis’ F-15 skins lose, etc.......... but you need to work harder!

If somebody have any questions to re-edit all others MEinit.xml, contact me or i’ll guide in another post

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