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Can DCS: F-5E fight hurt? Here the answer


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I ran a quick start Intercept mission. My two Fox2's miss part of the missiles worked phenomenaly well. Plus I can confirm that TU-95's tail guns work just fine. So heres me fighting in a hurt F-5E, with no radar, no speed instrument, no speed breaks, no radios, and the ship all shot up, with a bloody strut stuck out into airstream just to help with aerodynamics. The elevators were hurt, and a/c wanted to shake and roll. Its nose wanted point in every direction except where I wanted it too. Somehow, with luck, the TU-95 caught a streams of my shells. I just held down the trigger, while slightly wiggling rudder and stick to get some dispersion. With mission accomplished I was not flying for myself. Brought to approach to Senkhaki. I had flaps (hooray), no breaks, no gear, no speed, altimeter on pneumatic, meaning my generators were OTL, no comms.

Slowed down to 160 knots at threshhold, at 5' above runway popped drag chute. Then it was a ride, with no control. Set a personal record of engine shutdown (10 seconds), and fuel cutoff.


The little bugger fought, my F-5E, fought hurt like a champ. I don't think an properly simulated F-16 with that much damage could continue to fight and come back. I hate ejections, even in simulators. It feels like a mission fail.


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